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You can download the Program PDF here.
Us podeu descarregar el PDF del programa aquí.
Os podéis descargar el PDF del Programa aquí.


A human castle rises during the European Balloon Festival in Igualada, Spain, 2014. Photo Credit: Marc Vila

Part of the Aula Series A Performative Conference in Nine Acts

Barcelona-based artist Jordi Jorba deconstructs and repurposes inoperative hot-air balloons with the aim to create unique nomadic spaces. These colorful and exciting structures house performances and workshops, making visible the role that architecture plays in community building. Nomadic Place will explore the symbolism of community spaces and institutions in cities by inflating these structures in schools, gymnasiums, galleries, and parks, with the objective of rethinking the utility these places have in the communities they serve. On Saturday, Jorba will install a balloon in Sara D. Roosevelt Park near Houston Street.

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